Thanks for dropping in!

I am currently working in Whitehorse Yukon after 5 years in Yellowknife Northwest Territories.

Originally born and raised in Ontario Canada, I have always been an artist and thus began my career of graphic design. Combined with my love of art and advertising I quickly realised my position at an agency in the North - Kellett Communications.

Working in Canada's North gave me the ability to flourish in the industry as I quickly moved up the ranks from designer, to web developer, to digital lead and project manager. At this time I was offered a position in Whitehorse Yukon to expand Kellett into the Yukon, where I manage the office and staff, while acting as the account manager for Northwestel.

The site is currently being updated, but please connect with me on Linkedin. I look forward to talking with you!

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Bechoko Bridge - Northwest Territories Canada